A escolha (2010) My Choice Fairies (2003) Queer Today, Gone Tommorrow (2007) 5 Telephone Conversations (2006) A Wonderful Day (2003) The Dadshuttle (1996) Presents (2003) Fireworks (1947) Burls (2002) 50 Ways* to Leave Your Lover (2008)

26 June 2012

A escolha (2010) My Choice

A história de um jovem de classe média chamado Matheus que comete suicídio por não se aceitar como é, após fazer vários questionamentos a cerca de sua sexualidade e do preconceito da sociedade ele resolve por um fim a sua vida.

The story of a young middle class boy named Matheus who goes through great heartbreak and makes several questions about his sexuality and his existence. All these doubts and questions eventually lead him to commit suicide.

Fireworks (1947)

A depiction of a dream sequence about the brutal rape and torture of Anger himself when he was only seventeen by a group of sailors on the street after trying to hook up with one of them up.

25 June 2012

Shoot Me Love (2008)

Burak, a film school student, meets Murat, an elder businessman introduced by his friend Burcu. Burcu thinks that they are shooting for a final project but Burak is actually trying to reveal his feelings for Murat.

Boy (2005)

A story of a young male prostititue in a small New Zealand town who discovers the truth behind a fatal hit and run accident. When news of the death spreads through the district, the family of the responsible driver realizes that the boy must be kept silent. Using local gossip they set out to frighten him into submission. The pressure becomes increasingly aggressive and through it the boy battles to expose the truth.

24 June 2012

Sagat (2012)

A film of art featuring the masculinity of famous French porn icon, François Sagat!

Burl's (2002)

A young boy struggles with his sexual identity and is torn between his father's wishes and his mother's closet.

23 June 2012

Cut-Out (2009)

Cut out: (espionage) A mutually trusted intermediary who facilitates the exchange of information between agents

Two agents meet in a crowded bar and briefly transact their business. Alienated from the world around them, they exchange the enforced solitude of their profession for each other's company. But what are the consequences?

Siempre Juntos (2007) Always Together

Una historia trágica de un hombre gay desgarrada entre su amante y su abuela.

A tragic story about a gay man torn between his lover and his grandmother.

22 June 2012

Tryout (2007) מבחן קבלה

דן נקרע בין בן זוגו ובין בנו שמגיע לביקור של שבוע ומחפש את קרבתו. באדיבות החוג לקולנוע וטלוויזיה בית ברל

Dan is torn between his partner and his son who comes to visit for a week longing for his company.

A Good Son (1997)

Set against the backdrop of a diving meet, a boy has his first romantic encounter with another boy.

21 June 2012

Presents (2003)

It's just another dinner between two boyfriends and their female best friend, until the ugly truth comes out. And what's that funny taste in the spaghetti sauce?

The Bridge (2005)

A snapshot of a bi-national gay couple, Luka & Niko (Glen Upton & Andy Cunningham), who just want to be together in Sydney...

20 June 2012

Homophobia (2012)

Die Geschichte eines jungen Wehrpflichtigen im österreichischen Bundesheer und greift damit eine Umgebung auf, die noch immer stark von Ressentiments gegenüber Homo- und Bisexuellen geprägt ist.

The story of a young conscript in the Austrian army that takes up an environment that is still characterized by resentment towards homosexuals and bisexuals.

Oranges (2004)

A young teenager accidentally bumps his bicycle on a parked car whilst daydreaming one early afternoon. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the room of a schoolmate who is slightly older than him...

19 June 2012

Chemin de croix (2008) Crossway

A 16 ans, Jonathan a du mal à cohabiter avec son père et sa belle-mère. Sur un coup de tête, il vole de l'argent dans le sac de son père et se lance dans un périple où il espère profiter de plaisirs interdits... Il passe la nuit dans un squat embué de fumée de cannabis et s'y réveille le lendemain, bâillonné et ligoté par Antoine dit "Shooter", un jeune dealer recherché par la police. Les deux garçons nouent une relation ambigüe entre violence, compassion et fascination. Victime, Jonathan finit par se prendre d'affection pour son bourreau...

At 16, Jonathan is struggling to live with his father and stepmother. On a whim, he steals money from his father's bag and embarks on a journey where he hopes to enjoy the forbidden pleasures... He spends the night in a cannabis smoke smelling abandoned building and wakes up gagged and bound by Antoine known as "Shooter," a young drug dealer wanted by the police. The two boys forge an ambiguous relation between violence, compassion and fascination. As the victim, Jonathan ends up taking a liking to his torturer...

NullNull (2001) ZeroZero

A biker and a businessman meet in a dirty bar-toilet, where they experience their own private Armageddon.

18 June 2012

The tie that bind me to my brothers are not wrapped around my heart, but are rather fastened to my heart (2012)

The ties that bind me to my brothers are not wrapped around my wrist, but rather are fastened to my heart. The filmmaker explores the concept of fraternal relationships and resuscitated texts. The title derives from an anonymous quote, commonly used as a motto by American college fraternity houses.

Just friends? (2009) 친구사이?

석이, 드디어 오늘 처음으로 민수에게 면회를 간다. 오붓한 외박의 하룻밤을 위한 준비도 끝냈다. 남자들이 즐비한 군대로 민수를 보내놓고 맘 편한 날 없었던 석이, 두근거리는 가슴을 안고 철원행 버스를 탄다. 남자친구를 면회 가는, 처음 보는 옆자리 여자와 수다 떠는 그 순간도 그저 즐겁다.

Seok-i anxiously awaits the arrival of his boyfriend Min-soo, who has taken leave from the military. Shortly after they reunite, they are met by Min-soo's mother, who is unaware of their relationship. Seok-i decides to stay with Min-soo and his mother at an inn when he realizes there is no way for him to get back home.

17 June 2012

Not Gay (2011)

Roommates Fred and Jacob discuss what Fred had just done the night before and starts feeling uncomfortable about himself with Jacob's revelations.

I accept me! (2011)

It's teatime and a decent gay man in his twenties goes to a typical tea house in Karachi for his usual Kashmiri chai.